With the Awards Cermony concluded 10th Mostar Film Festival

Award for Best Actress of 10th Mostar Film Festival was awarded to Ksenija Marinković for the role of Vesna in the film “On the Other Side”, while for the best performance as an actor Stjepan Perić was awarded for his role in the movie “Ministry of Love”.

Velibor Topić, actor and president of the jury, Sandra Rančić, director of the DOK’n’RITM film festival, Jaime Olabbary Powel – Miki, art photographer and Dževdet Tuzlić, TV reporter, at the closing ceremony of the Mostar Film Festival at the Croatian House of herceg Stjepan Kosača in Mostar, awarded the awards for acting in the competition of seven films.

Ksenija Marinković’s performance in movie “On the Other Side” by Zrinko Ogresta was described as “An exceptionally sensible creation with such acting ellipse’s and the simplicity of the character’s interpretation, that it has contributed crucially to the impressive impression that the film leaves on the viewer”.

For the role in the film “Ministry of Love” by director Pave Marinković, the actor Stjepan Perić was rewarded because “His extraordinary acting interpretations in this kind of movie of unusual ideas and ironic plunging that looked as well as saddened and cheered. ”

The award for the best supporting actress was given to young actress Nataša Petrović for the role of Katerina in the film “Lazar” directed by Svetozar Ristovski, because of the poetic and unobtrusive game on the screen, which resulted in persuasiveness and sincerity.
In this category was also awarded actress Dijana Vidušin for the role played in the film “Ministry of Love” for “A gorgeous game that with more persuasiveness and character speaks more of the image”, were the jury’s words,
The award for the best supporting actor was equally awarded to Goran Navojc for the role of Miki in the film “Lazar”, “For the striking sculpting of the character of tough mafia leader”, and to the actor Muhamed Hadžović for the role of Gavrilo in the film “Death in Sarajevo” by Danis Tanović, “For the achievement of a person who succeeds the 100-years range subtly transfer to a persuasive and acting-rigid way”.

David Todosovski was declared for the best debutant of the Mostar Film Festival for the role of Zoran in the movie “Liberation of Skopje”, by directors Rade and Danilo Šerbedžija.

“Because of the persuasiveness of the interpretation of the character that contains very demanding acting techniques, which the boy-nonprofessional very successfully expressed in this war drama, we award him the best debutant award”, the jury members pointed out at the final closing ceremony of the Festival.

The MOFF Jury awarded a special recognition to the actor and director Rade Šerbedžija, in the movie “Liberation of Skopje, as they have pointed out, “a time-bridging creation that serves to preserve the memories of an exceptional artwork from the theater sphere that is now in film form, preserved for eternity”.

We remind you that at this year’s Mostar Film Festival, which began on November 24th, showed films in Children’s, Student’s, Documentary and Competition programs. Masterclass workshops for students, Film Talks with interesting artists from the region and a business conference on copyright were also held as part of the Festival.