The Mostar Film Festival jury will choose the best performances in the categories: the best male role, the best female role, the best supporting male and female role and the best debutante.

The award-winning actors will receive the awards of  Stablo ljubavi (The tree of Love), a replica of the famous sculpture of academic sculptor Ljupko Antunović, cast in bronze. Over the last years this award was received by major regional filmmakers.

2017. Žarko Laušević, Antun Vrdoljak

Žarko Laušević was born on 19th of January 1960 in Cetinje, Montenegro. He graduated acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He has performed very remarkable roles as a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theater. In 1982 he debuted in the film, the first role in the film 'Progon'. He then plays a big and important role in the film and becomes one of the indispensable actors in the game, playing in more than twenty movie series. He is the winner of many awards for his work.

Antun Vrdoljak was born June 4th in Imotski, Croatia. He studied acting at the Theater Academy in Zagreb. He appeared for the first time in Nikola Tanhofer's film 'It was not in vain' in 1957. In the following film of the mentioned author 'H-8' in 1958 gained great glory. After that, she starred in about twenty cinemas, and in his role in 'Rat' movie, Veljko Bulajić, he became a proud owner of the Golden Arena from the Pula festival.
As a director he has signed a large number of films and series.


2016. Dragan Despot, Lazar Ristovski

Dragan Despot was born in Mostar on July 14, 1956, where he completed high school education and two years at the Faculty of Economics. He graduated in Zagreb in 1977 and studied acting at the Academy of Theater, Film and Television. He graduated in 1981 in the class of prof. Tonka Lonze by Macbeth in Macbeth's William Shakespeare. He received his first professional engagement at the Trešnja City Theater, then moved to the Komedija Municipal Theater, and since 1983 he is a member of the Croatian Drama at Zagreb. He has participated in the dramatic program of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Splitska Summer and in many Croatian theaters, always producing remarkable acting creations (GD Histrion, ZDK Gavella, Theater, Mala Scena Theater, Trešnja Theater, etc.). As a docent at the Department of Performing Arts the ADU's stage talk has been broadcasting for many years.

Lazar Ristovski was born on October 26, 1952 in Ravno Selo. He graduated from the Sombor Teacher's School and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He played over 4000 plays in the theater. He has played in over 40 films, TV series, TV drama, mostly in major roles. His most famous role in the theater are: Shakespeare's "Hamlet" directed by Jiří Menzel on the Dubrovnik Summer Games, Knjaz Nikola in the play "Long Journey to Jevrop", Stevana Koprivice, Amadeus in "Amadeus" by Peter Scheffer on the direction of Paol Maggelia and many others. He played in the performance of "Wedding" by Vitold Gombrovič at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, directed by one of the best directors Poljak, Jerzhi Jarocki. He has made great appearances in the films of Hajka (1977), Svetozar Marković (1981), Igmanski marš (1983), Kalio Steel (1988), Original falsifikata (1991), Tito i ja (1992) , Underground (1995), Balkan Rules (1997), Bure Baruta (1998) ... He also directed himself as director and producer of the film "White Suit". After that he made 10 films as a producer. As a director and producer, he also recorded his second film "White Lions" 2011. He also wrote two novels; "White Suit" and "How I Got Oscar". Lazar Ristovski is the owner of the production company Zilion Film.

2015. Josip Mlakić, Mima Karadžić

Josip Mlakić was born in 1964 in Bugojno. She graduated in Uskoplje and graduated from Sarajevo Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and is a mechanical engineer. The first published work is a collection of tales of the Puževa house from 1997 in the edition of Croatia. Faust Vrancic 2000 publisher, thanks to good grades and criticisms, was the first novel entitled Kad magle stanu. Another novel Living and Dead was released in 2002. For this novel, he was rewarded with the VBZ literary prize, which was then awarded for the first time. For the same novel in 2003 he received the Ksaver Šandor Gjalski Award and the Zrinski Award. For the novel The Dragonfly Trag was awarded with the annual scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, and the awards by Ivan Goran Kovačić and Kočić's Pear for 2007. The award-winning novel "Live and Dead" was shot in the same name as Mlakić wrote the screenplay, which was awarded in 2007 with eight Golden Arena at the 54th Pula Film Festival. He also wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Tu (2003) directed by Zrinko Ogreste, and according to his novel and screenplay, the film Dead Fish is filmed on the back of director Kristijan Milic. For Branko Ištvančić he wrote scenarios for the novels Bridges of Guardians (Bridge at the End of the World) and When the Fog Standing. In Ištvančić's direction, a short film was filmed for Mladic's "Midnight Gray" story. He wrote a film screenplay for Branka Schmidt's Screenwriter for which he won the Golden Arena at the 62nd Pula Film Festival held in 2015. The Romans were translated into German and Slovenian.

Milutin Karadžić was born in Bijelo polje on April 9, 1955. He had completed childhood, youth, elementary and high school in Niksic, in the town where his family lived. Glum graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Milenko Maričić. He was a permanent member of the Atelier Theater 212 from 1986 until 2013.

2014. Špiro Guberina, Ivo Gregurević

ŠPIRO GUBERINA was born in Sibenik on March 1, 1933. He continued to perform as a theater amateur in the comedies and operas of the Sibenik National Theater in Gymnasium. At the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb he graduated in 1958 and became a member of the Drama of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb the following year. Despite his retirement in 1999, this ensemble has remained faithful to more than five decades, performing in his repertoire performances. He has made hundreds of theatrical, television and film roles. In 1997 Spiro Guberina founded a private theater called the Little Croatian Theater Kiklop. (

IVO GREGUREVIĆ was born on October 7, 1952 in Orašje. Graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He debuts in the film in 1977 as a major actor in the movie "Do not Bend Out". With success she also plays in theater and television. He was rewarded at the festival in Niš, received the "Seven Secretaries of SKOJ" prize and in 1986 he became a member of the Drama ensemble of Zagreb, where he was, as Drame champion, engaged in today. The Cartoon Film, which has cemented his status in the actor himself, was recorded in 1991. In addition to the main role, he also played the female figure. The award of the Croatian Society of Dramatic Artists won in 1998 for the film Šokica and in 2006 for the role in the film and the same series of Long Dark Night. The winner is also the most prestigious awards by Vladimir Nazor. In 1995, he started the Festival of Croatian Film Days in Orašje.

2013. Nada Đurevska, Bogdan Diklić

NADA ĐUREVSKA was born on January 8, 1952. He is in Skopje and is one of the most prominent Bosnian-Herzegovinian actresses. After completing the acting studio, she played in Chechnya's "Višnjik", where she interpreted Varja. No Bosnian-Herzegovinian cult movie, starting with "Igman's march", could not have gone without Nadina's appearance. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Golden Lion Award for the Arts Academy Award 2002, the Sixth Avenue Award for the City of Sarajevo in 2014, after which he said that he withdrew from the scene after 40 years of work.

BOGDAN DIKLIĆ was born in Bjelovar on August 1, 1953. Glum writes in 1972, and seven years later becomes popular after her role in the "National Class" movie. From 1975 to 1995 he was a permanent member of the National Theater in Belgrade. One of the hottest young filmmakers in the former Yugoslavia, a particularly self-confident, introverted style, is particularly successful in co-operating with the directors of the so-called. Powder School. He is the recipient of many awards and prizes for theater and film roles. In 2009, the Association of Serbian Film Artists awarded him the "Pavle Vuisić" Award for his total contribution to film art, and among other things he also crowned the Golden Arena for the best male role. He published the 2011 "O beats without acting" book.

2012. Ana Karić, Radko Polič

ANA KARIĆ was born on May 13, 1941 in Perušić. The Academy of Theater Art completed in Zagreb in 1963. She has performed in the films of renowned Croatian directors Ante Babaje, Nikola Tanhofera, Zvonimir Berković, Krste Papić and others. Some have fewer roles in television films (Adam and Eve). In the theater he played at the Theater at the guest house. She received the Croatian Actress Award for acting in radio drama for 2004/05. In 2010 she received the Fabijan Šovagović Award for a Great Contribution to Croatian Film. Boris Buzančić performed in Love Scripts at Scena Gorica Theater. They became friends in 1961, when they played together more than five hundred performances and performed in numerous TV drama and films. They died the same day. Ana Karić died in Zagreb, October 9, 2014.

RADKO POLIČ was born on August 18, 1942 in Črnomelj, Slovenia. He is a member of the Drama ensemble of Ljubljana Slovenský folklore show. He has performed in numerous theater and Slovenian films. For the first time in the film he played in 1961, and received the Prešern Foundation's Prize, Borštnik's Ring (2002), in 1972, and received the Prešern Lifetime Achievement Award in 1972. He also received Župančič's Best Actress Award in 1991. In 1976 he won the Golden Arena for Best Male Actress in the Idealist Film.

2011. Boždarka Frajt, Boris Buzančić

BOŽIDARKA FRAJT was born on 11 November 1940 in Velika Žuljevića. She is one of the most distinguished female characters in cult partisan films. Although she played in several famous films she was delighted and remembered by the role of Hope in the Ulica republic and in the "Ljubica" slush. In 1972 he won the Golden Arena for Best Actress, and the 2010 Prize for Vladimir Nazor was a lifetime.

BORIS BUZANČIĆ was born in Bjelovar on March 13, 1929. He enrolled the Zagreb Academy with the first generation. Already in the second year, in 1952, he celebrated the film "Ciguli miguli". After that, he played in the performance of Dine Radojevic's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (1956) and in the same year he shot "Opsad". In the following year, 1957, he filmed the film "It was not in vain" and in the next 20 years another twenty films and series. He remained famous because he played the Spanish champion in the Učka republic in 1974, the mayor of Dotura Vica in "Velom mistu" in 1980. He played in 78 films, including the cult "H-8", " "Evening Bells" etc. Boris Buzančić was elected first mayor after the first democratic elections. Politics withdrew in the late 90s and returned to acting. In 1999, he made the film 'Maršal' directed by Vinko Brešan, and in 2009 he performed with his colleague Anom Karić in "Love Letters". Ana Karić and Buzančić became friends in 1961 when they co-wrote "Emperor New Clothes "and" Pustolov'' in front of the door ", and since then played together more than five hundred plays and performed in numerous TV drama and films. They died on the same day on October 9, 2014.

2010. Rade Šerbedžija

RADE ŠERBEDZIJA was born in Korenica, July 27, 1946. After finishing high school, he enrolled in the Academy of Theater, Film and Television in Zagreb where he graduated from the age of twenty-two, after which he was soon engaged in the Zagreb Dramatic Theater "Gavella ". He debuted in the role of the film in Iluzija (1967) by Krste Papić. At the beginning of the 1970s, his role in the role of the disinterested communist activist in private life in the Red Class (1970) of Živojin Pavlović and a rural youth faced with injustice at the Hamlet Performances in the village of Mrduša Donja (1973) Krste Papić were noticed. At the time it is also emphasized in films that critically reflect contemporary Yugoslavia; Bravo maestro (1978) Rajka Grlić, Journalist (1979) Fadila Hadžić. In 1982 he received the annual Australian Sammy Award for the main role in the Australian television screenplay of the Oslobodjenje Skopje drama Dušan Jovanović. He has won three awards at Sterio's Theater, received the "Vladimir Nazor", "Dubravko Dujšin", "Orlando" awards. The most successful filmmaking year for Šerbedžija was in 1986. He played in the Evening Bells of Lord Zafranovic and Dream of Ruler Zoran Tadic for which was awarded the Grand Charter in Niš. Behind him are the brilliant series 'U regististraturi, Nikola Tesla', 'Prosjaci i sinovi' and 'Bombaški proces'. He has released two collections of songs: Changeable and Black, Red In the world's film waters, he ran through the movies of Han's War and Before the Rain by Milko Mančevski. Then roles were played in leading hollyvision achievements by Space Cowboys, Impossible Mission, Zdrpi and Eras and others. His partners were Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, Clint Eastwood, and he worked with director Stanley Kubrick.

2009. Mira Banjac, Ivica Vidović

MIRA BANJAC was born in Erdevik on November 4, 1929. He belongs to the first generation of actors who finished the Kazališna škola u Novom Sadu (1950). He worked at the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad (1951-1970) with a short period of engagement in theaters in Srijemska Mitrovica (1949-1951) and the National Theater in Banja Luka (1953 - 1955). In 1970 he moved to Belgrade and became a member of the Atelier of 212. The likes of women from the people, their most successful performers, usually accomplished with a kind of humor. In addition to the theater, where he received numerous awards, he also played in a series of television drama and series (for example, the main role in Marija Stipe Delić's series and several major roles in Milenko Vucetic's drama) and in the film. On the big screen, she had more memory roles, especially in the achievements of Goran Paskaljevic. She is the author of the short film screenplay "Good Night Snake". He is the winner of numerous awards, including two Sterio awards, Statuette Joakim Vujić, New Year's October prize, then October Belgrade Prize, Seventh Prize, Three Golden Arrangements, Zagreb City Prize (for the TV series "Marija"), Golden Lion's Lifetime Wreath (Sarajevo, 1991). In 2000, she received the Dobričin Ring Award as the biggest actor in Serbia. In 2008, Pavle Vuisić was awarded her for life.

IVICA VIDOVIĆ was born in Belgrade on May 10, 1939. Graduated in 1963 at the Theater Academy in Zagreb. He received his first engagement at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. One of the most prominent filmmakers who appeared at the turn of the 1970s. For his roles he has been rewarded several times, and the wider audience remembers the most in his role in the films "Promethe from the island of Viševice", "In the mountains is growing green," "Servants of small mistakes," "Rhythm of crime," " The man who loved performing "," How the war started on my island "," Maršal "and" Zasjeda ". For the role of the submarine marginal in the film" Your old man "(1973) was awarded the Silver Arena in Pula. In the context of the created type, the role of the Servantes in the television series "Our little misto" (and the film "Servantes from a small mistake" 1982) by Danijela Marušić, as well as later the title character in the television series "Inspector Vinko" Kreše Golika. In 1998, with his wife, Gordan Gadžić founded Theater Teatro Rugantino where he was the artistic director, but also the actor and director. In 1996 he was awarded the Order of Danica Hrvatske with the character Marka Marulić, in 2005 he received the annual "Fabijan Šovagović" Award and the City of Zagreb award. He died on April 18, 2011.

2008. Milena Dravić, Mustafa Nadarević

MILENA DRAVIĆ was born on October 5, 1940 in Belgrade. Acting has begun to become a high school, when Slovenian director František Čap reveals his first film, "Doors remain open" (1959). Then, in a relatively short time, he accomplishes several more film roles. She has played a crucial role in her career in the very popular "Branka Bauer", which in 1962 brought the Golden Arena in Pula. He recorded over 160 recorded movies and TV series. For her role was often rewarded. In 1967 he won the Golden Rose Prize for the role of "Jutro" at the Venice Film Festival in 1978, the Golden Dawn Award for Best European Actress in the Czech-American Co-production "Water Wearing Something" directed by Oscar Jan Kadara and Elmara Klos. In 1980 he received awards at the Cannes Film Festival for the role of "Special Treatment" by Goran Paskaljevic and Dušan Kovacevic. He also received the "Pavle Vuisić" award for his contribution to domestic cinematography.

MUSTAFA NADAREVIĆ was born in Banja Luka in 1943. He graduated in Rijeka and went to Zagreb where he graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. His theater career began at the Zagreb Theater of Youth. Since 1969 he has been a member of the Drama of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. By the decision of the Croatian Ministry of Culture in 2006 he was declared a national champion. Behind him has a number of roles in TV films and series, and he especially admired the role of uncle in the "Father on the Official Way" of Emir Kusturica, and roles in the films "Mirror of the Sun" by M. Idrizović, "Already seen" by Mr. Markovic , "Glembajevi" by A. Vrdoljak, "Holiday in Sarajevo" by B. Filipović, "Gluta barut" by B. Čengić, "Perfect Circle" by A. Kenović and others. As a director, Nadarević debuted in 1992 with the performance "The Flight Over the Coward's Nest" and has since set up several plays, including "Balkans Spy" by Dušan Kovačević and "Zabuna" by Alan Ajbourn at the Kerempuh Satyr Theater and "Hasanaginica" by Milana Ogrizović at HNK and the National Theater in Sarajevo. He also directed "Hamlet's performance in the village of Mrduša Donja" by Ivo Brešan. Nadarević is the winner of numerous awards such as Marul, Orlanda, three Golden Laurel wreaths, Tito Strozzi, Dubravko Dujšin, Croatian Ballet Award, Vladimir Nazor, Three Golden Arena, Grand Prix at the Moscow Film Festival and others.