In Documentary program called DocuSpectre we'll screen the newest documentaries from the region

The regional documentaries that will be screened at the Mostar Film Festival will present stories about humanitarian organizations, unhappy fates and splice of unhappy circumstances, past times and some new truths. The selected six documentaries will be presented by authors from BiH, Serbia and Croatia.

HOĆU KUĆI / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2017 / 70min

Director:  Ademir Kenović
Script: Ademir Kenović
Cast: -

Short Synopsis

THE MOST IMPORTANT BOY IN THE WORLD / Croatia / 2017 / 70min

Director:  Tea Lukač
Script: Tea Lukač
Cast: -

Short Synopsis

Boris Mitrović is the biggest fan of Canadian singer Justin Bieber in the Balkans. Inspired by his idol, with some advices of his manager, Lamborghini and the army of fans on Facebook, Boris is trying with all his available resources to make his dream come true - to succeed in the show business.

TIFA / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2017 / 60min

Director: Bakir Hadžiomerović
Script: Adnan Kapetanović
Cast: Mladen Vojičić Tifa, Goran Bregović, Almas Smajlović, Sead Zele Lipovača, Dragan Vikić, Ljiljana Vojičić, Sara Vojičić

Short Synopsis

An intimate portrait of one of Sarajevo's favorite citizens, rock singer Mladen Vojičić Tifa, told through the interviews with his associates and former band members of „Bijelo dugme“, „Divlje jagode“...

KUMANICA / Serbia / 2017 / 63min

Director: Branka Bešević Gajić
Sccript: Branka Bešević Gajić, Bato Pusica
Cast: Ljiljana Blagojević, Radomir Bubanja, Stojan Gajić, Bogdan Ivanović, Ljubiša Marinković, Jelena Kuveljić

Short Synopsis
“Kumanica” is a documentary that’s dealing with the phenomenon of the cult Nemanja’s monastery of Kumanica in Polimlje, which searches for the identity of the found scrotums. During archaeological research works, just prior to the renovation of the monastery in 1999, a medieval sarcophagus was found in the altar of the church, where canonical complexes were found. The scrotums of one of our greatest saints maybe have been saved here?

SCREAM FOR ME SARAJEVO / Bosnia and Herzegovina / 2017 / 95min

Director: Tarik Hodžić
Script: Tarik Hodžić, Jasenko Pašić
Cast: Bruce Dickson, Alen Ajanović, Esad Bratović, Mirza Ćorić, Samir Čulić, Chris Dale, Alessandro Alex Elena, Erol Gagula

Short Synopsis

In 1994 Sarajevo was a city under siege. Mortars and rocket propelled grenades rained onto the city, killing indiscriminately, ever day. Amongst the madness, two United Nations personnel: a British military officer and another Brit working for the UN Fire Department, decided it would be fun to persuade a global rock star, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, to come and play a gig to the population. Scream for Me Sarajevo brings that story, in all its madness, to the big screen. A story of musicians who risked their lives to play a gig to people who risked their lives to live them.

UNWANTED HERITAGE / Croatia / 2017 / 100min

Director: Irena Škorić
Script: Irena Škorić
Uloge: -

Short Synopsis

Thousands of WWII monuments were built throughout the former Yugoslavia in the 1945-1990. Many of these monuments were of a high artistic value, having been designed by some of our most prominent artists. They promoted antifascism and commemorated important events and people from World War II. They were an integral part of our education system and political life, but also a part of our arts and tourism offering and background to our family photos. Since 1990s to date, one half of them had been razed to the ground or devastated. Once proud monuments were turned into ruins and now they are a testament to our neglected and unwanted cultural and political heritage. Through images and testimonies of witnesses, experts and politicians, as well as the people who used to sell pieces of monuments as secondary material, "Unwanted Heritage" talks about the fate of works of art that had been turned into waste. But it also talks about a society that disowned its history and its valuable art.

ŽIVOT OD MILIJUN DOLARA / Croatia / 2017 / 78min

Director: Robert Zuber
Script: Marjan Alčevski, Petar Orešković, Robert Zuber
Cast: -

Short Synopsis

When parents of five-year-old Nora Šitum realize that health care in Croatia can’t help their daughter who is in the terminal stage of leukemia, they see last chance in experimental therapy in Philadelphia, USA. They have seven days to pay for treatment, which costs nearly a million dollars.

STEEL MILL CAFFE / Croatia / 2017 / 61min

Director: Goran Dević
Script: Goran Dević
Cast: -

Short Synopsis

Erna and Dževad are the owners of cafes at the Sisak’s bus station, next to the ironworks which was once one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The film follows the “coffee conversations” of guests a week before its final closing. The main theme is - going to Germany, a new paradise for members of the former socialist working class.