In cooperation with the Academies and distinguished professional and teaching staff, as a growing festival aimed at promoting regional film art with an indication of the importance of an acting call, we want to contribute to the better development and affirmation of young authors in today's society and the world of the film industry.
We believe that all the pedagogical and educational methods are entrusted to the Academies to constantly provide the art scene and community of fully educated young authors and actors who will love the work they are dealing with, be successful and in the best light represent the environment they come from. That is why we want to participate in building a better network of celebrities in the region and we hope that we will succeed in that.

Below you can see who are this year's lecturers and what topics they will discuss:

18th of November / 2:30pm

Topic: Open conversation with Boris and Jasna

Boris Isaković was born in Novi Sad on December 14th, 1966. He graduated from the Academy of Art in Novi Sad in the class of Prof. Boro Drašković. He was a permanent member of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad where he was the drama champion and the director of the drama, and he also had numerous acting roles. Play at almost all the theater in Belgrade. He also headed as a director when he directed the play 'Lepotica Linejna' by the text of Irish writer Martin Mekdon, in which he played the character Pata Duli.
Currently he is engaged in pedagogical work, professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

Jasna Đuričić was born in Rumi, on April 16th, 1966. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the class of Prof. Branko Pleše. She was a permanent member of the Serbian National Theater since 1990, where she was a drama champion. She is now an independent artist. She has made numerous theater, film and television roles. She is the winner of the Dobričin ring for 2014.
Currently she is a professor at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

18th of Novemberi / 7:00pm

 Topic: The talk with the laureate

Žarko Laušević was born on 19th of January 1960 in Cetinje, Montenegro. He graduated acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He has performed very remarkable roles as a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theater. In 1982 he debuted in the film, the first role in the film 'Progon'. He then plays a big and important role in the film and becomes one of the indispensable actors in the game, playing in more than twenty movie series. He is the winner of many awards for his work.

19th of November / 11:30am


Antun Vrdoljak was born June 4th in Imotski, Croatia. He studied acting at the Theater Academy in Zagreb. He appeared for the first time in Nikola Tanhofer's film 'It was not in vain' in 1957. In the following film of the mentioned author 'H-8' in 1958 gained great glory. After that, she starred in about twenty cinemas, and in his role in 'Rat' movie, Veljko Bulajić, he became a proud owner of the Golden Arena from the Pula festival.
As a director he has signed a large number of films and series.
This year he is the Mostar Film Festival's Laureate and the winner of the Stablo ljubavi award, and we have dedicated a special program 'Retrospective' to him.

19th of November / 2:00pm


Almir Šahinović, Producer and General Manager, Heft production. (Born in Sarajevo, 2nd August1971). Film education completed at the Imaginary Academy Grožnjan, Croatia. 1998 produced the first short films in BiH (35mm) 'A trip to the Moon' and 'The End of Unpleasant Times'.  He also
worked as a Producer of documentaries, theatre performances and television documentary series (each over 100 episodes). Worked with world and regional Authors like Gian Vittorio Baldi, Diego Febrarro, Rolando Cola, Nenad Djuric, Lejla Panjeta, Dino Mustafic, Mario Amura, Samir Mehanović, Pjer Žalica, Srđan Vuletić, Kristijan Milić, Adis Bakrač and many others and feature films like: 'Welcome to Sarajevo' by Michael Winterbotom, 'Perfect Cyrcle' by Ademir Kenović, 'Il Temporale', 'Racconto di Guerra', 'Oltre il Confine', 'Soldati di Pace', 'Ano Mile', 'Il Delito Gotico', 'The Way We Played' etc.  n cooperation with partners such as Rai Uno, Harold srl, Roses London, Peacock Movie, Micla
Film, Brassen Hussies, Jadran Film etc. 

20th of November / 11:30am


Over the past five years, the success of current and former Film and TV directors from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje has been noted at regional and world film festivals. About the methods of education of Film and TV directors and their cooperation with actors, as well as other associates in drama projects we’ll meet with Nikola Vukčević, associate professor of  Film and TV direction in this faculty, who will at this year’s MOFF’s Masterclass present a topic: PROFESSIONAL POSTULATES OF COOPERATION IN DRAMATIC ART: the work of a director, an actor, a drama writer, a producer and other associates on a film project.

Nikola Vukčević was born on August 19th, 1974 in Montenegro. An artist with the title of master of drama arts, which is also a matter of life preoccupation. He has participated in about 50 projects as a director, of which theatrical performances, feature films as well as TV drama. His most famous film is 'A Look From the Eiffel Tower'.
He is currently producing films and lectures at the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Cetinje, Montenegro.

20th of November / 2:00pm


Zoran Marković Zonjo was born in 1974 in Cetinje. Graduated director of the first class of FIM and TV directors at the Faculty of Dramatic Art Cetinje. The 'High Functional' Organization of The Books of Knjige. In regional music waters, he is known as a group director: Who See, Letu Štuke, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Perper and others.
His first feature film was 'The Books of Knjige: Slučajevi Pravde'.